Having your portraits taken is a really big deal and I will treat it as such. Photos are everything, it is what we have to look back on. I will work with you to understand your style, the best location and I will make sure you love your photos for years to come.

Once we decide on a date, click below to secure your session.  The session fee covers my time pre-planning, shooting and post production.  Once your session is complete, I will put up a private gallery for you to view your images and place your order.

session fees: $150/$300

products: prints begin at $45/digital packages begin at $900


Are you needing a head shot either for work or social media?  Head shot sessions last anywhere from 30-90minutes.  I specialize in environmental portraits, but I can do a basic white or gray background if you need.  The fee includes my time and 3-5 digital images for you to use anyway you like.  



Are you ready to really understand your digital SLR camera?  I will show you the inner workings of your camera, how to work in various lighting conditions and show you how to photograph on manual.  More detailed info: go HERE