Glad you are here…

What to say about me...I obviously LOVE photography.  The thing I love most is freezing time and emotion so we can look back and cherish those memories. I consider myself a storyteller through photos.  Tell my goal with every photo session I do.

I am a sister, a wife, and mom to three amazing kiddos. My father was the one who planted the photography seed when I was a child and my daughter Ella quickly became my muse and the reason I began my business.  The minute she was born I wanted to capture her every move.  I further realized the love I have and thus, Jennifer Burns Photography was created.

My business began in 2008 and I have photographed many in the last 8+ years.  I have been challenged with all types of situations and am confident to say that I can handle it all!  Let me turn what could be a stressful situation into a beautiful memory.  When you look at your photos from our time together, I want you weeping tears of joy!